Some observations on the Dacian world” cosoarele”(the Dacians knifes)

by Catalin Borangic

Disperse size Dacian civilization, with the scope and variable values ​​in alldirections, in a manner similar to all other civilizations of antiquity,contemporary Dacian kingdom. Among these features, showing in life communities north of the Danube, two vectors of identification became amalgamation of barbarian populations at the periphery of Greco-Roman world. One of them is the warrior character, coupled with an undisputed set of military virtues which they displayed. Noting their military skill was a constant historical sources referred to the Dacians, the defining attributes of that remained throughout their political history.

Indispensable Getica

by Dada Mamusa

„… And architect  Traian conquered Decebal, Dacian fortress built in the mountains to us. Roman wall but could not keep his soulless closedbetween stones. The good king Decebal closed his immortal  life in the city supporting a solid foundation „

Getica, the work of his head Vasile Parvan (1882-1927) was presented as a memorandum of 27 specialty love meeting of the Romanian Academy in 1924 and was printed in 1926, the Series III, Tome III Section Historical Memoirs of the Academy, published by the National Culture. This edition was accompanied by 462 figures, 43 plates and 4maps.

Vasile Parvan as ancient history and epigraphy professor at Bucharest University and Director of the National Museum of Antiquities, thearchaeologists valuable format, selecting younger studies, which thencontributed to the establishment of modern schools of archeology  (IonNestor, Radu Vulpe, Gheorghe Stefan, Dumitru Tudor, VladimirDumitrescu, CS Nicolaescu-Plopşor, Dumitru Berciu) Romanian Schoolin Rome organized the Institute for improving young archaeologists andhistorians, and initiated and led its appearance directories”Dacoromania Ephemeris” and „Diplomatarium italicum” and the firstseries of the journal Dacia (1924), the directory in which studies were published only in international languages​​, and helped contribute to the integration of information flow results in international RomanianArchaeology.


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